Why President Trump’s Sexual Life Matters to Me

I don’t usually talk or write about specific political figures, especially online. I keep my opinions about candidates private and I vote my conscience in private. In fact, I generally limit political discussions to matters of principle or policy.

However, when Dr. James Dobson—a man whose judgment I once trusted—posted a photo on social media (August 27, 2018) that fully embraced and endorsed President Trump, I responded on my own Facebook wall.

One might argue that Dobson had been naïve or misled before the election or even during the first year in office. But today, after all that has come to light, any suspicion must yield to acknowledgement of the truth . . . unless one willingly chooses not to see. (More on that in a moment.)

My comments were more about the perplexing hypocrisy of Evangelical leaders than about Trump himself. I suppose I took it for granted that Trump’s character flaws were a matter of public record, especially where his sexual behavior is concerned.

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